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What I do

I design and facilitate collaborative, multi-skilled, human centric workshops. I start by working with a sponsor to develop and agree a workshop plan. Following this, I oversee all aspects of the workshop. This typically includes briefing workshop participants, assigning pre-work, planning the venue and materials, facilitating the workshop and producing a summary of the outcomes.


Discovery and Diagnosis 

Workshops to bring teams together and drive alignment with a focus on discovery and diagnosis.

In this workshop we might deepen understanding, empathy and consensus around a challenge; identify causes and ideate on potential courses of action; classify and evaluate ideas; agree potential next steps and ownership with the team.

Typical duration: ½ to 2 days

Explore Options and Plan

Workshops enable teams to work collaboratively, develop new approaches, explore options and produce initial plans.

In this workshop we might map the challenge; generate potential courses of action; select the best ones; develop the concepts; prototype and user test; plan next steps and assign ownership.                

Typical duration: 1 to 5 days

Review Progress and Course Correct

Periodic reviews which enable teams to evaluate their progress, adjust, learn and grow.

We may review what has been working well and what has not been working so well from as many perspectives or roles as possible; synthesise these findings;  ideate on improvements; update plans and agree any revised ownership.

Typically 1 day per month

How I work

I usually assemble a small, cross-functional diverse team of workshop participants. More diversity usually results in better outcomes. Diversity of skill, skill level, gender, background, experience and roles are among the factors considered. 

I work to identify a convenient and conducive time and location (possibly virtual, possibly offsite). I guide the team through a variety of exercises using techniques to deepen their understanding of the challenge, ideate, select and develop concepts, and experiment with prototypes while having fun and allowing every voice to be heard. I aim to enable equitable participation and avoid a few confident people dominating.




How I help you to succeed

Working together we unleash untapped creativity and power from within your organisation to solve tricky problems. 

Existing constraints such as roles, responsibilities, organisational structure and workload frequently restrict people from applying their creativity and energy to important challenges. Urgent tasks can deflect attention from the less immediate but potentially important ones. 

Organisations often have the skills, knowledge and ability to remove these blocks. As an external agent, I aim to help diverse teams collaborate across boundaries, tackle these challenges and devise improved courses of action.


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