Ed Watson

Modern Elder, Associate Lecturer & Activist

I design and facilitate workshops to unleash untapped creativity and the power to solve tricky (wicked) and difficult challenges for teams using collaborative, multi-skilled, human-centric and immersive techniques. I also mentor and coach in these techniques. 

I use a mixture of Design Thinking and Lean Startup techniques along with other tried and tested tools. 

At Accenture I designed and facilitated workshops for executive & senior teams to address significant business challenges.

I have delivered 3 day Accenture Design Thinking courses in the UK and across Europe, I train undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Warwick and I regularly share Design Thinking knowledge and coach others in these techniques. 

I frequently tailor & adapt workshops and training to specific circumstances. I enjoy constantly refreshing my approach to reflect new ways of working, new organisational structures and changing workforce expectations. In recent years, as a Modern Elder, I have supported and encouraged others to learn and use these new techniques.

I am working with my local community to foster more democratic dialogue.

While at Accenture I led a global rollout of Lean Experimentation methods and a number of seed teams. 

Throughout my career, I have delivered many successful business and organisational change transformation projects. Continuous improvement, mentoring and training have always been a priority for me.

Key Skills

  • Design Thinking facilitation
  • Design Thinking workshop design
  • Design Thinking mentoring and coaching
  • Lean Startup transformation leadership
  • Design and Implementation of transformational business & organisation change
  • Quality Reviews of change programmes
  • Facilitation Training
  • Design Thinking Experiences /  Talks
  • Organisation Operating Model Design & Implementation

Notable Previous Experience


Modern Elder, Design Thinking Facilitator & Lean Startup Transformation Lead

Mobility Risk and Delivery Management process and reporting

CMT UKI Sales & Operations Manager, CSG QA Lead, CRM Program Lead

Accenture EMC Consulting Unit Senior Manager, Information Transformation Manager


Information Management Professional Services Consultant

QA Training

Client/Server Principal Consultant


Course Manager and Instructor


Senior Software Developer


Storage Specialist 


Storage Systems Programmer


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