Planned Events & Meetups

Design Thinking Meetup 
03-Oct-2023 then 07-Nov-2023 .... and many more 

Time: the 1st Tuesday of each month from 12:00 to 13:30 / 13:00* (BST)

If you are curious about Design Thinking (DT) workshop facilitation &/ DT workshop design this Meetup is for you - join us and meet others interested in DT.

We frequently try out a short method and follow with a general Design Thinking Facilitation discussion ... I look forward to seeing you and we always welcome your topic suggestions. 

* We aim to complete everything in the first hour and follow with an optional 30 minutes discussion. The call is scheduled for 90 minutes and you are welcome to come for as long or as short as you wish.

You can sign up for this and some future dates here.

In October our suggested topic is 'How to plan a Design Thinking workshop' and much of the advice will apply to most types of workshop. 

Over a number of Meetups we have co-created a set of Design Thinking tools and techniques. We will continue to build on that.

Please let me know what you would like to get out of the DT Meetups and I always welcome a 1:1 catch-up, drop me a line and we can setup a call.

The DT Meetup is held monthly - on the 1st Tuesday of the month - other commitments permitting.

Past Events & Meetups

The Design Thinking Meetups & Creativ Connect have been running monthly since Dec-2020. For a list of topics contact Ed.

Design Thinking - An Immersive Experience 
21-Oct-2020 & 03-Nov-2020

I ran this event during the IAF E&W 2020 Conference for people who were curious about Design Thinking workshop techniques or just fancied a short immersive and fun workshop experience. We applied the "Experience First and Explain Second” principle. We experienced a technique which can be used as a workshop icebreaker while at the same time demonstrating the power of Design a Thinking technique. After the short experience we has a brief discussion about key Design Thinking workshop characteristics and had an open Q&A. I ran it again in November.


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